Lawn Maintenance

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Lawn Maintenance - A Manicured Look

Lawn Maintenance | Artscapes by Design, LLC - Nashville, TN

Keeping your yard looking its best is as important to us as planning and installing it for you. The care and tending of grass is particularly vital to the look of a home or business and its curb appeal. Therefore, we include lawn maintenance in our services so we can hold on to the contentment of our customers after we have attained it.

We provide both commercial and residential annual contracts to come to your home or business to mow your grass and cut the edges of the lawn (and rake and bag leaves if your yard gets leaf fall in the cold season). This service can be negotiated for either weekly or bi-weekly visits by our staff, depending on the natural growth rate of your grass, as well as your preferences to the look of your yard. If you are unsure of how often your lawn should receive mowing and edging, we will be happy to provide estimates for you.

Aside from regular lawn maintenance, we also provide various forms of turf maintenance. If your lawn is prone to weed growth, we will come and disperse a pre/post emergent to stifle the growth of nasty ragweed, nettles, and such. If your grass becomes too compacted, we provide aeration and over-seeding which will help the grass to thrive and be disease, drought, and insect-resistant.

When grass dries up, we also provide revitalization services to bring a dying lawn back to green life. And if moles and gophers are the major mishap, we also provide humane mole and gopher prevention.

Along with lawn maintenance, we also provide landscape maintenance, including:

• Trimming and pruning
• Mulching
• Landscape bed cleanup
• Replacement of annuals
• Prevention/control of weed growth

Annual contracts are available for landscape maintenance as well.

Your lawn is a very important, if not the most important, element in a complete and harmonious yard. Whether you need a mow, aeration, or help with those cute, albeit annoying, moles, we are standing by to make your grass the best it can be.