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Landscape Design - Custom Services

Landscape Design | Artscapes by Design, LLC - Nashville, TN

Landscape design is comprised of various services provided by Artscapes by Design, LLC.

These services include but are not limited to:

Graphic Design – As we ready the design for your front/backyard, we create scaled drawings of the planned finished product for you. These plans can be drawn up in black and white, as well as in color, giving both aerial and standard views, and providing a list of included vegetation and other design elements and indicators of where they are located on the plan.

Hardscapes – We want it to be easy and nice for you to enjoy your yard, so to facilitate this, we also provide hardscape designing, which includes:

      o Pouring patios and sidewalks
      o Building seating and retaining walls
      o Building outdoor kitchens and fire pits
      o Installing mailboxes, decks, pergolas, and arbors
      o Hardscape maintenance: pressure washing, sanding, sealing, aggregate washing and sealing

Lighting – To compliment the hardscape and landscape design, we also provide lighting scheme designs. We will plan and install safe, low-voltage systems for path lighting, up lighting, and deck and step lighting. This service includes the installation of transformers with timers and photocells, as well as fixture maintenance and repair.

Installation – At a planned date and time, we will come to your home to set up, build, and plant everything to your specifications.

Renovation – If you are already content with your current landscape design but want to refurbish it, we will come and revive your yard so it can look its best once again.

Drainage Solutions –To ensure your safety, and the beauty and value of your home, we provide the most suitable drainage solutions, depending on your situation, to ensure that all rain becomes runoff, and not a makeshift bog in your front yard.

Seasonal Color – There’s no better way to keep your landscape design looking fresh than with the inclusion of annuals. We will help you choose from a variety of appropriate spring/winter flora to bring color and vibrancy to your yard.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding –We also come out to remove dead, dangerous, or unsightly trees and to grind down those unattractive stumps.

If you have a home, you should be able to enjoy everything about it—and that includes what’s on the outside. We are ready and waiting to help make your homestead completely yours, right up to that property line.