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Irrigation - Custom Design And Repair

Irrigation | Artscapes by Design, LLC - Nashville, TN

Making sure plants get enough water is an essential part of not only keeping them alive, but also keeping them looking healthy and beautiful. As such, we provide a number of irrigation services to make sure that your yard always looks its best.

First and foremost, we provide the design and installation of new irrigation systems to provide or replace the best delivery of water to your plants. As with our landscaping services, when we plan and design your irrigation system, we will provide a graphic rendering for you to see the planned completed look of the system once it has been installed. As sprinklers are most often out of place with a yard’s natural aesthetic, we do our best to plan each and every system so it is invisible to the presentation of your yard.

If your current system is in disrepair, or if the one we’ve installed for you encounters problems, we also provide modification and repair. We are ready to fix anything from busted pipes to a shoddy sprinkler head and are happy to remedy current systems for better water delivery to newly added or existing foliage.

Maintaining your irrigation system throughout the year is also important to us, so we provide system “winterization” for the fall, and system “start-up” for spring. When winterizing your irrigation, we tend to a number of aspects to ensure your system stays intact during the cold season, including to ensure your system is set appropriately, releasing any pressure to protect against bursting pipes, and draining residual water to ensure there is no freezing or cracking.

When the warmer weather comes back around, we return to give your system a start-up, checking to make sure all settings are correct, valves are open, performance is checked, and sensors are clean so your system is ready to water your plants and flowers for the spring.

Water is the source of all life, and that includes your yard and all that grows in it. Let us know if you have irrigation issues that we can remedy so we can keep the water going and those plants alive and happy.